Staying Safe Online

In light of the recent news around security concerns, online security and privacy.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.
Have you ever wondered about the strength and security of your passwords?  If you ever want to check the strength of your password, check the below website RoboForm and it will tell you how long it will take to guess your password with current computing power (a standard desktop/laptop).  Please remember that for each site or login, you should have a different password.  If you use a common password and one login is compromised, all your logins could be used by hackers.
RoboForm:  This website shows estimated time to break passwords, but it also shows recommendations on how to strengthen the password.  Additionally, Roboform provides information regarding how many times a password can be tried per second.  Keep in mind that the “Estimated time to crack” seems to be a bit extended as other tools have shown faster breaking times.

If you want to use a password manager, I recommend using a program like LastPass (  LastPass is free unless you want all passwords on your mobile device via their app (it then costs $12 per year).  A comparison of the various password management services can be found by following the below link.
Wishing you safe and happy computing.

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